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Studio Visit: Brynda Glazier

Brynda Glazier investigates the anachronisms that occur in traditionally accepted and cinematically enhanced social domains.  “I am interested in societal anxieties concerning physiology, deceptive value systems, digital mania, and the manipulation of earth and space over time. My artwork bridges the uncertainties related to utopian ideals and the dystopian qualm by challenging the societal standards of beauty and the sublime.”

poop family-1

This concept has been a focus on Brynda’s art; having a severely deformed and mentally handicapped brother. “It gave me the gift of seeing beauty and humor in everything.” The various mediums she chooses are important in expressing the infinite, unpredictable, and ever-variant personality of human nature and its companions.

poop family-2

We went to visit her studio while preparing for the Inaugural Group show this August, and I must say it was an experience. Her two sculptures will be installed in the front windows of Gallery Hijinks until September 11th 2010. Check out what goes through the mind of this extraordinary sculptor, her process and inspirations!


boy clay

The two sculptures, a boy and girl, (in progress boy sculpture seen above) are made with roughly 200 pounds of clay. They are built up slowly, using coiling techniques while constantly adding and subtracting from the form.



girl clay progress

gran and gramps

teen wolf


boy progress

Please come by the gallery anytime between August 21st and September 11th, 2010 to see the finished products and installation by Brynda Glazier.

Artist Feature: Robert Minervini, A Free Ride to the Land of Make-Believe

Robert Minervini works, lives, eats, and dreams in San Francisco, California. A New Jersey native, Minervini obtained his MFA in 2009 from the San Francisco Art Institute. He’s  a well established and accomplished fine artist, mastering “painting, installation, sculpture, and site-specific public art.” His oil, acrylic, and spray painted canvases, examines a place and time that is neither a product of dimensional reality nor far from reach of the imagination, and begs a recognition of veracity that is accompanied by the power of visual interpretation. Minervini’s inspiration is derived from a collection of personal and archived photographs, and as he digitally coalesces these images to construct a somewhat dream-like scene, the “highly artificial colors” further enhance the detachment from the real world, while simultaneously calling “attention to the origin of the digital image.”








Take a peek at Roberts video-bio with the Root Division Studio Program while he talks about his craft of creation and “the process of painting as a vehicle into the world of make-believe.”

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