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Artist Feature: Christopher Blackstock

“Have you ever had those thoughts that were so deranged and fucked up you were almost sure no one else around you shared them?  And as you grow older you start to realize that everyone has them and there are those who admit to it and those who don’t.  The world is a beautifully fucked up place and the bitter days are always followed by sweet tomorrows, but we can only do so much as individuals to affect the course of man.  Attempting to alter one’s thought process is a better place to start than any.  If you tried to tell someone that you can fit a cube into a cylinder of the same size they would say you’re full of shit.  Technically, they’re right, until you take your fist and smash that damn cube into the cylinder and say, some things aren’t meant to fit together, but it almost always ends up looking way cooler.” – Christopher Blackstock


Blackstock painting muralBlackstock at Cup A Joe where he painted the mural seen above.

sculpture_Gallery_Hijinks“Narby’s Spirit” by Blackstock in collection of Robin Williams



More sculptures + paintings and drawings







Check back soon for a studio visit with Chris Blackstock featuring new works for Highly Contagious group show at Gallery Hijinks opening on September 18th, 2010.

Opening Night at Gallery Hijinks

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Inaugural opening reception last Saturday. Amongst those were Mike Cuffe founder of the Warholian as well as artist Casey Gray who got some great snapshots of the night. Check out more pictures on flickr!


Gallery Hijinks opening reception

Opening reception

Charmaine Olivia paintings

Girls at opening receptionGallery_Hijinks_opeing_reception





Mark Warren Jacques: In The Summer, I’m Dreaming Of You


The highly anticipated solo exhibition titled “I’m Here Now” by Mark Warren Jacques opens at Gallery Hijinks on October 16th, 2010. In the mean time Mark has been busy painting, skating and living the free life in San Francisco. In The Summer, I’m Dreaming Of You isa sun soaked, dream inducing” MWJ screen print edition that’s just been released and is available on his website. Also, if you are in the area you can come by the gallery and pick one up for yourself.


The Details

– 12 inches X 12 inches *common frame size

– Edition of 100, Signed and Numbered

– 4 Colors of clean screen printed action

– Printed on 100 pound, Acid Free, French “Speckletone – Madero Beach” paper.

– Pulled by hand at The Tiny Spoon in Portland, Oregon.

Directions for use – Order, get excited for mail, tell the mail man thanks, open & hang on wall (near plants and sunshine if possible), stare at often until you becoming tired and ready for sleep, fall asleep.

Guar·an·tee – Peace filled dreams of love and / or the beautiful ocean.


Inagural Exhibition in SF Weekly

Really Cute! Really Weird!


“Reconciling opposites is far from a unique subject in the art world, but this is a solid set of work that thrives on its unsettling juxtapositions, and makes a strong case that the gallery is a promising new venue for the bustling Mission art community.” Read more on or pick up a newspaper and flip to page 20 to read more!

Artist Feature: Ryan Riss


Ryan Riss pen and ink drawings are psychedelic, mind blowing, and intense. We obviously love them, not to mention he’s hilarious writer and all around cool cat. We asked him for a little background information on himself and his work, and what we received was, well… read for yourself.

Tropical Future.   Born 2 Die.  Permanent Vacation.   Seeing through to the other side.

Textures, zombies, ooze, cartoons, text, rap, naked bits, and the future are transformed onto paper using black ink.  The intensity of black and white create a particular feeling- their super simplicity lacking of color adapts and takes figurative functions to a an abstract level.   Liberal doses of textured cartoon comic psychedelic repetition are added.   Simplicity of a graphic broken down into elements is related to things like mandalas and other spiritual energy hippie training tee-pee type stuff.    Lots of little details, the details complete the drafted production.   Like a road map… to Your Mom.

Ryan Riss wishes he was a part of some sort of psychedelic spiritual mantra energy naked bits hippie tee-pee shit.   He’s not.   He drinks lots of beer and wishes a lot.












Love for Pakayla Biehn on My Love

picture taken by Pakayla Biehn

My Love For You Is A Stampede Of Horses posted a studio visit I covered at Pakayla Biehn‘s SanFrancisco art space. Check out the post and get a sneak peak of the work she’s been preparing for our Inaugural Exhibition on August 21st.

Artist Interview: Charmaine Olivia

Since her first solo show in San Francisco at Gallery Six, Charmaine Olivia has captured the attention of art enthusiasts both locally and nationally. I’ve watched her experiment with different concepts, materials and techniques although never got the low down straight form the source. That is until now!

Charmain Olivia Painting for Gallery Hijinks


Gallery Hijinks: Tell me about the source of inspiration for your Tattooed women works.

Charmaine Olivia: The inspiration came from my own desire of having tattoos. As most of my paintings are some sort of reflection of me, this is me living vicariously through them.  This is my way of getting tattoos without having to commit to it just yet. Sort of experimenting until I figure out exactly what I want. It’s also a fun way for me to combine both my worlds of painting and drawing, to make a portrait more than just skin and hair, but to tell a story. I was also very inspired by a book I once read, The Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury, only his tattoos moved and told stories on their own, mind don’t do that (yet).

Charmaine Olivia painting Nautica

Picture of Charmaine

GH: I love “NAUTICA,” and read that the quote tattooed on her ribs says “fair winds and following seas.” Do you have personal connections to the nautical world?

CO: The sea it has always been a source of inspiration and comfort to me, knowing it’s the one place I can look and not see houses or cars. I’m a bit of a dreamer, so I’ve definitely spent a decent amount of my time pretending to be a mermaid when playing in the waves. Something about the feeling of being underwater is very magical, there’s nothing quite like it. Sometimes I wish I had gills.

Charmaine Olivia mermaids

GH: On your blog you said one could consider your [painting] technique more like “finger painting.” Can you describe this process to me?

CO: I like to go for a more realistic effect when I paint skin and I find that the best way for me to eliminate brush strokes it to blend the color with my finger. I don’t always do this, but sometimes it works really well. Plus, I like getting my hands dirty.

GH: How do you feel technological advancements in the art world have helped/hindered your processes of creation?

CO: For me, I think it has helped. I didn’t always use photoshop for conceptualizing, but I have found it to the best way to really get my ideas out before they flit away. With digital sketching I find it’s much easier to make changes, play with colors, themes, images, without having to really commit to anything. Even with a pencil sketch, if you erase a line, there’s always remnants. Whereas digitally, I’m not afraid to make a mistake or afraid to try anything drastic, I can always click “undo” or erase it. Once I’m happy with the sketch, then I start on the piece. I do like my final image to be done traditionally, as I love the rawness of real paint and ink, and that is where I allow myself to make mistakes, that’s what I count on.

vampire drawing

GH: What are some of your favorite artists, right now, or in the past? Are there any that you consider to influence your works?

CO: Dr. Lakra and Brian Viveros, for sure. Although I didn’t really discover them until very recently, after I started doing my tattooed ladies. Viveros and I seem to share the same love of sleepy-eyed ladies with black hair. I’m in such awe of his talent, it’s what keeps me going.

GH: What kinds of projects would you like to do in the future? Is there any direction you would like to see yourself moving in?

CO: I do have plans in the future to release a book of my drawings. I have one too many projects I’m working on right now, but when I get some downtime I really want to get that going. I’ve also been dying to finish my 50 States collection, but I had to put that on hold for the summer.





Olivia first learned to oil paints as a child when her aunt would take her plein-air painting by the ocean. More recently she’s ditched the landscapes and canvases and prefers to paint in a less-traditional fashion while still respecting the old ways of the masters. Look how cute she was back then!

little charmaine

Sketchbook Tuesday – BLU

I recently caught my eye on an artist that I used to avidly follow, and remembered why I thought he was such a genius. If you haven’t seen the many videos from street artist extraordinaire, BLU, you are missing out (check them out here). Aside from the animation and art direction that has set him apart from the rest, I would also suggest taking a look at his artist sketchbook. You could send quite a bit of time on his website so for now here’s a preview of some drawings features on his web site,












Artist Feature: Lisa Congdon

Lisa Congdon collects bits and pieces of the world in which she resides, both man-made and from a natural source. She finds many little things that draw her inspiration and organizes each object into its own triage that will eventually join seamlessly with the others. Currently, Lisa is carrying out a personal project, Collection A Day 2010, in which she collects objects of her every day life (literally every day), and portrays them as a finely curated anthology.

Lisa Congdon day181

Lisa Congdon day189

Lisa Congdon day178

Lisa is a self-taught illustrator and painter, using gouache for many of her larger canvases, and draws attention to her wonderful exhibition of the natural environment-whales, birds, bears, dogs, aspen trees-all containing bold, contrasting, and vibrant colors in the background. The conceptual and physical collaboration of old and new is evident in many of her smaller works, often times using archival ink and paper for her prints.

Lisa Congdon buffalo

Lisa Congdon tibeta yak

Lisa Congdon standing guard

This San Francisco-based artist is also a large part of the artistic community, as Lisa serves on the Board of Directors for Southern Exposure, a non-profit, arts organization in San Francisco dedicated to presenting diverse and innovative contemporary art. Lisa is also one of the owners and curators of Rare Device, a San Francisco boutique and art gallery operated with her friend Rena Tom.

Lisa Congdon trees

Lisa Congdon oh be true

Lisa Congdon brave bear

Lisa Congdon now sheep

Lisa Congdon whale

Watercolor music video painted by Irena Dakeva

Ed Banger Records announced the release of BREAKBOT feat Irfane “Baby I’m Yours” music video which was directed and painted by IRINA DAKEVA @ WIZZ. It is composed of approx 2,000 images watercolor painted one after another. I just love it!

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