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Art Theft in LA

I came across THIS letter in response to the unfortunate art thief from their most recent exhibition, These Friends. WTF.

To the person who stole the image of Dennis Hopper from THIS:los angeles on Friday night,

We have a feeling you have no idea what you’ve taken.

You’ve taken the one single physical document of the photographer’s time with his subject.
This is not a print, as there is no negative. There is only this single image.
You’ve taken our trust.
You’ve taken others faith in us.
You’ve impacted the way our business, that we have worked so hard to build,
will be able to work with people we respect and love in the future.
A business we do not make a profit from.

There is no way that this Polaroid will ever have the same worth to you that it holds for Jason, everyone at THIS, and to our community in general. As long as you have it all you hold is the sadness and anger that has been created by your taking it.

We personally believe you made a very snap and not very wise decision. It happens to all of us and all we can do is try to make it right. Many of us have done this. Please make this right. We are not interested in prosecution, we are not interested in the monetary worth as ultimately in the case of this image there actually really isn’t one.

We just want it back.

The show is called These Friends. It is our hand reaching out to our community, our friends and their friends and inviting them into the space we have created and we assume you were one of those people. There is a very good chance that you are a friend of someone who is a friend of the people who were involved in this show. Please do not steal from your friends. Even if you aren’t friends with any of the people in the show or at the gallery, our door was open, no questions asked, to meet and enjoy some really amazing works of art, by some really exciting and talented artists.

THIS is open for all of us to make new friends and come together as a community. We feel like we have succeeded in that 10 fold, especially with this last show. Everyone who we talk to says about how amazing of a night it was. It’s impossible for us to remember it that way because of this theft.

We opened our doors in hopes to meet new friends and new people in a new neighborhood and we have, we’ve met so many amazing people and had so many amazing times. It might not be possible for us to continue the way we have because of this theft.

All we ask is that you please give it back. Please please return the photo.


The artist is putting up a $25,000 dollar reward to anyone who brings it back to us. This is a very sentimental one of a kind piece for obvious reasons. The thief can come forward anonymously and charges won’t be pressed against him. Please get the word out and help us get Jason’s art back. You can call us 323-747-5301 or email with any information. Thanks.

Also, the piece can be anonymously mailed back to THIS los angeles, 5906 N. Figueroa St. LA, CA 90042

P.S. This piece was not for sale, it’s extremely sentimental to Jason and he just wanted to share it with the art community by having it in the show.

Sebastian Wahl’s SF trip and studio visit with Robert Hardgrave.

How time flies. It seems like yesterday that we were installing the kaleidoscope eyes in the front window for Sebastian Wahl‘s opening reception. If you haven’t got the chance to see the exhibition feel free to stop by the gallery before the closing on Saturday the 26th.

Here are some pictures of Sebastian’s visit to San Francisco as well as his studio visit with Robert Hardgrave.

sebastian wahl sf trip

sebastian wahl sf trip

sebastian wahl sf trip

sebastian wahl sf trip

sebastian wahl sf trip

sebastian wahl sf trip

sebastian wahl sf trip

sebastian wahl sf trip

sebastian wahl sf trip

sebastian wahl sf trip

Walter and Joe

sebastian wahl sf trip

sebastian wahl sf trip

sebastian wahl sf trip

sebastian wahl sf trip

sebastian wahl sf trip

sebastian wahl sf trip

sebastian wahl sf trip

sebastian wahl sf trip

Robert Hardgrave's studio

Robert Hardgrave's studio

Robert Hardgrave's studio

Robert Hardgrave's studio

Robert Hardgrave's studio

Robert Hardgrave's studio

Robert Hardgrave's studio

Robert Hardgrave's studio

Robert Hardgrave's studio

Robert Hardgrave's studio

Passed Patterns

Our friends at Lopo Gallery currently have an exhibition called Passed Patterns. Artists Jon Carling, Lauren “Elle” Napolitano, Denise Joy Amos use different imagery that “explores how we use knowledge passed to us from family, friends, and various other past sources and how we integrate and use that knowledge in our present.” The illustrations are done in pen and ink on cardboard, antique book pages and drawers. The drawings attain a mystical aura and draw the viewer into a dream-like state.


Third Time

Passed Patterns expresses the need to shed layers and be in a constant state of transformation. An exhibition of new, collaborative and installation works by Jon Carling, Lauren “Elle” Napolitano, Denise Joy Amos. – Lopo


The Other Woman

Devil Ride

East Rivers

Searching Fish

Untitled III

My Only Friend


Daily Noon Walk


Moog Bird



Mountain Ghost

untitled II

Peryton Spar

Artist Feature: Christian Rex Van Minnen

Christian Rex Van Minnen is busy filling West Coast galleries with his seductive paintings. Not only is he putting two painting in The Letter Collector exhibition, but is also in shows at Gallery 1988 and Copro Gallery in LA.

Christian Rex Van Minnen- Grapes

Christian Rex Van Minnen- Mushroom Painting

“Christian Rex Van Minnen makes his way into the art world armed with old world execution, and warm colors of bittersweet chocolate and burgundy velvet. Perfect composition and color serve only as thin veils which barely distract from the dripping hordes of redundant flesh and undecipherable realms of deformation. The new king of Neo-Grotesquism springs forth with a fiery vengeance, offering beautiful reconstructions of hideous fungus, tumor-like protrusions, and flora and fauna, all married into modern yet simultaneously archaic portraiture. Enter a world where ugliness and beauty merge as one, challenging the narrow definitions of both”. – Bein Art

Christian Rex Van Minnen

Christian Rex Van Minnen

Christian Rex Van Minnen- Floating Hearts

Christian Rex Van Minnen - Profile and Butterfly

Christian Rex Van Minnen- Stars

Christian Rex Van Minnen- Profile and Wig

Christian Rex Van Minnen- Square and Portrait

Christian Rex Van Minnen

Mural by Ana Teresa Fernandez

Last night I walked by a new mural on Bryant and 24th Street from artist, Ana Teresa Fernandez. If you’ve never seen her beautiful paintings, please take a minute to browse through her site. The mural in is congruence with the current exhibition at Galeria de la Raza.


Artist Feature: Jon Contino

When curating The Letter Collector exhibition Jon Contino was one of the first artists to make the list. Self proclaimed “Alphastructaesthetitologist”, Mr. Contino certainly has a way with words. His distinctive old-school-meets-new-school typography, letter making and design has us eagerly waiting to see what he’s got in store for our upcoming group show.


jon contino me

Born and raised in New York, Jon Contino is a designer, illustrator, and typographer. He is co-founder and creative director of design studio Onetwentysix and menswear brand CXXVI Clothing Company. Steadily developing a reputation for his hand-lettering, Jon continues to blur the boundaries between traditional and digital design methods.

alphabet by jon contino





jon contino boat

jon contino cards

jon contino marks



jon contino sea


jon contino book

Artist Feature: Claire Colette

Claire Colette has a studio at the Eleanor Harwood Gallery where she has been busy working on her new series; “Small Mad Hope.” Her graphite on paper works progressively evolve with a persistent exploration of interpretation and perception.

Claire Colette "you race towards that secret, which escapes"you race towards that secret, which escapes

Claire Colette "rise"rise

Claire Colette "the best of you"the best of you

Claire Colette "dying to transcend"dying to transcend

Claire Colette "the art of dying"the art of dying

Check her website for details on upcoming shows at

Sebastian Wahl: Kaleidoscope Eyes Video

Artist Feature: Beau Stanton

Beau Stanton explores the dynamic between graphic iconography and classicism. He is a masterful figurative oil painter, who is also a member of the third generation of pop surrealism. He has curated pop-up exhibitions in both New York and Los Angeles, and has exhibited with Ad Hoc Art and Last Rites Galleries. In addition to “The Letter Collector” group show this March, he has future exhibitions at Opera Gallery in New York and London.

Beau Stanton KaleidoscopeKaleidoscope– oil on canvas

Beau created this live painting during the 4th Street Arts and Music Festival in Jersey City. It is currently exhibited in the JC City Hall.

Dark-Pop-Beau-StantonGasp- oil on canvas

This painting was created in the reverse practice of Ekphrasis, as a visual response to the poetry of Greg McClure.

Beau Stanton GunshotGunshot– oil on canvas

beau stanton- immaculate combustionImmaculate Combustion– oil on canvas

Beau Stanton-Immaculate Combustion detailImmaculate Combustion (detail)

crimsonCrimson 1– oil on canvas
Beau Stanton- Crimson 1 detailCrimson 1 (detail)
Beau Stanton- Derelict VesselDerelict Vessel– oil on canvas

Visit to an Artist Warehouse

Last weekend we stopped by a friend’s warehouse where some amazing artists are preparing for upcoming exhibitions. Check out the pictures we snapped and even a video teaser we put together for Kevin Cyr’s “Home in the Weeds” solo exhibition at 941 Geary opening this April 2011.

David Bayus has been working on his solo exhibition titled “Bad Casserole” opening this June at Gallery Hijinks. He’s a San Francisco based artist who utilizes the immediacy of digital media alongside traditional painting techniques to create images which continually oscillate between documentation and representation as a means of expressing contemporary ideas of excess. We call it “New Media”.

David Bayus

David Bayus

David Bayus

Davis Bayus

Stencil artist, Casey Gray has cleared out his hand-cut stencil collection and is creating an entirely new set of imagery and symbols. This stencil is certainly a departure from his previous work that pertained to the turmoil of the heart.

Casey Gray

Chris Blackstock has an art studio in the upstairs loft of the warehouse. It’s currently filled with sculpture, paintings, and beautiful sketches of meticulously rendered illustrations. Blackstock’s work often leans towards the darker side of humanity incorporating fear, sexual deviance, and death into his art.



Paintings by Chris Blackstock


Chris Blackstock

This past month, Kevin Cyr spent a few weeks in the warehouse building up the sculptural elements to his upcoming exhibition “Home in the Weeds” opening April 30th, 2011 at 941 Geary. Here’s a sneak peak of his Tag A Long camper bike.


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