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Studio Visit: Erik Otto

I’ve known Erik Otto for a number of years and have always been amazed by his work. It seems he bears his heart on the canvas. Bright colors, organic forms, dripping paint and an ever evolving concept in his work has made him a popular artist for number of publications, residencies and exhibitions nation wide. Recently we went over to his art studio to check up on a few things he has lined up for this year.

Erik OttoErik Otto in his Mission art studio.

shared warehouseErik shares a warehouse space with these artist who work with a variety a mediums including sewing, photography and woodwork.

woodshopHe’s also crafted a wood shop which he’s currently using to construct a glass house.

glass house

glass house detail

Erik Otto

Every single thing inside Erik’s studio has been reclaimed, mainly from his residence time at the SF Dump: from his paint, brushes, and wood panels to his flat files, tools and electronics.

inside the studio


shelves of art stuff


detail of painting


how it all begins


detail shot


paint brushes

paint cans

studioThe studio has a beautiful view of the Mission District from Potrero Hill to Bernal Heights.

Potrero Hill

Bernal Heights

erik and his workOtto’s most recent work has been focused on the idea of opposing forces, light vs. dark, color vs. monochrome, and so on. The current collection has a repetitive them of circles, which really to draw the eye in.

four panel painting


light vs. dark

O This painting is available on our online shop.

work table

Erik OttoThank you Erik for inviting us over for a delightful visit. We love you!!!

To learn more about Erik Otto visit his website at

Interview: Peter Gronquist

Our amazing intern, Whitney Lasker, recently interviewed artist Peter Gronquist about his upcoming show titled American Mythic opening this Saturday April 2nd, 2011. Check out what these guys had to say about inspiration, process and all that bling!

dear_mailer_webWhitney Lasker: What is the overall concept of the show going to be? And what kinds of work might we expect from you?

Peter Gronquist: There’s not usually a full cohesive concept to any of my shows except for the very specific gun shows or taxidermy shows.  The American Mythic refers to my use of elements in my work that I feel are Awesomely American. Rams head with gold plated m-16 assault rifles, or bambi with a cruise missile strapped to its back.  Things that would give Glenn Beck a boner basically. Also will be new paintings and hello kitty hand grenades, in gold or chrome.


WL: How will this show be different from your other shows?

PG: It will be different in that it will have all new stuff.  There will also be a lot of differently priced work, from really affordable to really not affordable.

WL: Can you please describe the taxidermy sculpture process, do you kill then stuff the animals your self? I heard you use real guns to gold plate? Is that true and how does one do that?

PG: I don’t actually do the taxidermy part myself.  I usually find the animals on ebay.  Once I get them I remove the horns and brace the head if needed.  Then I form new antlers with wire armature and then finish them with epoxy clay. I usually sand them for like 50 hours, then they get shipped to LA for gold plating.  For the taxidermy pieces I do not use real guns because they are too heavy.  For the fashion pieces I use real guns for the most part.  That involves aquiring the guns, disassembly, mirror polishing each piece and then sending it in for gold plating.  It is more boring than it sounds if that is possible.


WL: Do you think any of your pieces belong in a museum if so which ones?

PG: I actually had a piece in a museum for a while.  It was the gazelle piece with the ak47 chrome antlers and was about 15′ across.  It was only temporary though, but I think it belonged there.  I love that piece.


WL: To me your paintings seem very different from your sculptures what’s going on in your mind when you trying to make a painting vs. when you are making a sculptures?

PG: Yeah they are two seperate worlds.  I love painting, its something that i just do to do.  I think that when I start painting I dont usually have as refined of a concept, because to me its more about the act of painting, whereas the sculpting is more of a means to an end.  I like sculpting a lot, but its not like painting.


WL: Have u ever seen Solja Boy’s diamond Lamborghini necklace if so how much do you love it?

PG: Yes and a lot.  This is the kind of thing, the most ridiculous over the top piece that I usually parody with my designer guns.  It’s almost better when its not a parody and someone just rocks it sans irony.  Did you ever see ghostface killah’s eagle bracelet?  Amazing.


WL: How did you become a full time working artist? And did art school really have anything to do with it?

PG: I became a full time artist gradually after school.  I started an auto painting business first, then gradually tapered that off as my art career got bigger.  I don’t know if art school really had anything to do with it.  I don’t think art school really taught me very much,it was more like just buying time to work on art.


WL: By the way I really like your Disney font. Would you mind talking a little about it?

PG: Yeah I love that too… turns out its just a photoshop font called Waltography I think…  so I guess I can’t take credit for it.


WL: Last but not least what three fictional characters form any place and or time would you chose to be your bodyguards?

PG: Chewbacca, Mickey Morelli the escaped convict from pee wee’s big adventure, Unicron the planet eating robot planet (also easiest unicorn anagram ever).


New Earthlings Zine by Uri Korn

Just in, Earthlings, a new zine by Uri Korn! You’ll enjoy 36 pages of photo portraits of earth dwelling creatures published by Hamburger Eyes. This is a limited edition of 100. These awesome zines are available now at our online shop for just $5!!!





AIDS/Lifecycle Fundraiser

Join us Sunday  March 29th from 2-7pm @ Fabric8 located at 3318 22nd Street, in San Francisco. The event is to raise money for the Aids Lifecycle Fundraiser with an art auction as well as live music! If thats not enough there will be raffles, treats and give aways, and its all for a good cause. Hope to see you there!


Lunar Mission

The Lunar Mission was a success!  Here is a short  photo recap:

IMG_0042Fossil Fool performing on his homemade “Envirokids” trapper keeper boom box, mixer.

IMG_0047Eerie circle constructed by Jeramee Haynie that he also preformed in.


IMG_0068Lead singer Jean Yaste and drummer Mary E from Future Twin performing as “Dark Materials”








IMG_0306The letter  “L” by Pakayla Biehn

IMG_0311“LSD” by Morgan Blair


Thanks for all who joined us despite the horrific weather you guys are the best ! And we love you all. Also a huge thanks to all the performing artist you guys rocked !!!

Uri Korn Installation and Prints

Uri Korn recently completed a 16 feet wide installation project at Bows & Arrows in Berkley. Using black and white imagery he created a wall checkered with silver and black screen prints then installed framed pictures on top. Here’s a little look at the wall.

uri korn installation

The prints used for the installation are now available at the Gallery Hijinks Shop .

PugLife_Korn copy

These prints titled Pug Life and Year Of The Rabbit are both 18″ x 24″ and a limited edition of 100. The prints are silver, black & white photo silkscreens and are produced by Bows & Arrows (Berkeley) and Bloom Press (Oakland). Both images are from the Zine “Earthlings” and published by Hamburger Eyes (SF).

YearOfTheRabbit_Korn copy

Music Video Experience

NewVillager’s “LightHouse” Video from their 2011 self-titled debut via IAMSOUND. Directed by Ben Dickinson.

Artist Feature: Elizabeth Cayne

We recently received images of new collage work by Elizabeth Cayne and thought we’d share. Her FEMME MAISON SERIES explore contemporary American ideas about identity, domesticity and femininity. In these works she questions social prominence, moral character, eccentricities, confidence, attitudes. The “Femme Maisons” take their inspiration from the late, great Louise Bourgeouis’ drawings and sculptures of women encased in houses. She has a few shows coming up so check out her website for updates.

Elizabeth Cayne group-portrait

Elizabeth Cayne group-portrait-ii

Elizabeth Cayne femme-maision_white

Elizabeth Cayne femme-maision-blue

This Saturday with performance and live music!

Gallery Hijinks

In coordination with Lunar Mission we present performance artists Jeramee Haynie, Fossil Fool as well as a gallery set performance by Future Twin.



San Francisco’s Mission District is full of vivacious, colorful characters. Reflected in the food, culture, and aesthetics, it’s no wonder art also emerges victorious as a defining detail about the neighborhood. On March 19, eight galleries off the axis of the Bryant and 24th Street veins of the district, including a brand-new venue to be debuted that night, will come together to showcase the importance of art, community, and the public they serve.

Eleanor Hardwood Gallery, Galeria de la Raza, Gallery Hijinks, Guerrero Gallery, Kadist Art Foundation, Southern Exposure, Steven Wolf Fine Arts, and Triple Base join forces to present a day of unique and unforgettable programming, from live performance to sipping sessions, spoken word to street projections. It’s not an art crawl, or a one off-event; it’s the beginning of the Mission cultivating a celebration of vibrancy between us all, and a declaration art is here to stay.

Gallery Hijinks Schedule:

6:30pm – Jeramee Haynie presenting Gutteral Noises.

Blues, Jazz, and Gospel all originated from the depths of the human spirit. An instinctual primordial sound buried in the gutters of the human soul is brought to light through the connections made with our inner most feelings. It’s more than just pain and sorrow, it’s the tears brought from joy and growth, the bittersweet. Every human passes through these transitions but rarely gets the opportunity to fully express themselves. By creating a space of vulnerability it allows people to make stronger connections and accept the piece for what it is, no more, no less. Each viewer walks away with their own perspective and explores their own gutters.

7:30pm – Fossil Fool, The Bike Rapper

Fossil Fool peforms through most recent custom sculpture, Arbol, the bike tree. With help from Rock The Bike, Fossil Fuel will be giving rides to the different Lunar Mission venues for this special occasion.

8:15pm – Future Twin

Future Twin‘s gallery set is an ambient mindbending set that incorporates pop gems and stoned out raga drones to engulf the audience with aesthetic sounds. Neo-Soul / Post Punk / Psychedelic.

American Mythic

American Mythic, solo exhibition by Peter Gronquist

On Exhibit: April 2nd, 2011 to April 30th, 2011

Opening Reception: April 2nd 2011, 6-10pm

Gallery Hijinks is proud to present American Mythic, a collection of new works by Peter Gronquist. This April, Gronquist exhibits awesomely patriotic paintings and sculptures that speak to the political and pop culture of our American psyche. Please join us for the opening reception April 2nd, 2011 from 6-10pm.

This exhibition will showcase a variety of mediums including paintings, sculpture, mixed media and taxidermy. Utilizing the radical black market commonly known as eBay, Gronquist acquires the rare elements in his work. He sculpts with wire armature and epoxy clay, sanding and layering until the work is ready to be plated with gold, silver or chrome. Through this process the artist transforms taxidermy or weapons of warfare into skewed parodies of American culture.

Peter Gronquist was born in Portland, Oregon in 1979. Growing up in a creative family, he began drawing and painting at a very early age. This led to obsessive art making throughout his childhood that continues today. Peter attended the School of Visual Arts for two years, and then finished his BFA at the San Francisco Art Institute in 2001. Gronquist has exhibited in galleries across the West Coast and New York.

American Mythic opens April 2nd, 2011 and will be on display until April 30th, 2011 and is open to the public. For more information on the exhibition or Peter Gronquist please visit or email us at

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