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Studio Vist with Sarah Applebaum

Last week we checked out  Sarah Appleaum’s art studio in San Francisco. We were eager to see her material rich creations for her window installation in the upcoming show Boreas with Lisa Congdon which opens this Saturday (July, 2nd, 2011 from 6-10pm). Applebaum’s new-psych work has played a key part in reinvigorating installation and soft sculpture through her use of textiles in contemporary art and we cant wait to see the finished installation!





















Mark Warren Jacques “Seeing is Conceiving”

Our pal Mark Warren Jacques spent a few days in SF preparing for his next exhibition at the Flatcolor Gallery in Seattle (which runs from 7th July to 1st August 2011). It  plays with the perceived dichotomy of becoming a father and having to grow up. Check out the hype video here!

According to Mark Warren Jacques, “The pieces in this show are all based in one way or another on the conception of our child. On one hand a sort of narrative of the conception and on the other hand the dichotomy of being a child / conceiving a child. I’ve been trying to somehow let the inner child out and at the same time let the idea of fatherhood sink in. A few of the paintings are on sheets of panel and are double sided and are displayed on shelves, visitors to the show are encouraged to pick up the paintings, to turn them around in there hands, to sort of play with them, like toys. Like how kids always want to play with everything. All the imagery is very playful with really bright colors, wide-open eyeballs, collections of playful shapes and a couple depictions of the night we conceived the baby, sexy right. I worked super hard on it and just felt so inspired by this whole thing. Life has this whole new look to it and I am stoked to get to turn it around in the work.”

MWJ, Good luck with the show in Seattle and congratulations on becoming a father!

Artist Feature: Angeline Rivas

Artist and designer Angeline Rivas is apart of the Cavern Collection which is an ongoing collaboration with Los Angeles based artists, Adam Tullie. Apart from her clothing designs and jewelry making, she also makes elaborate ballpoint pen drawings. Angeline has exhibited her art work at the Vice Gallery in Mexico City, The Hole in NYC and Half Gallery in NYC.







Artist Feature: Lelo

João Lelo, an artist from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil has just released a short clip capturing the process of his most recent mural outside of Galeria Choque Cultural in São Paulo. Check out the video below, I especially like the heavy use of patterns and bright, bold colors in his work.

photoGaleria Choque Cultural in São Paulo


“His work, which used to be a strong reflection of his childhood influences such as cartoons and videogames, has matured through the study of artists – mostly from the art nouveau and cubism movements – into a world of human or animal images morphing into each other in an extremely surreal way. His goal is to create a modern mythology in perfect connection with the urban everyday life.” –

rainha_marI really love this piece titled Queen of the Sea. Collage and acrylics on canvas.

Mi Bandida by LeloMi Bandida, Latex and spraypaint on wall. Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

photo-7So perfect I can’t find no double, Latex and spraypaint on wall. Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Untitled Mural by Lelo

Wolf / King Rio de JaneiroWolf/King, Rio de Janeiro

All hail my hands by LeloAll hail my hands, Latex and spraypaint on wall. Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Queen/Bird by LeloQueen/Bird, Latex and spraypaint on wall. Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Who doesn’t love paper?

Collage art has increasingly become more and more popular. Obviously we’re big fans exhibiting artists such as David Bayus and Sebastian Wahl whose work is heavily based on collage. Take a look at five artists who work with assemblages of different forms to  create new beautiful compositions.


Chad Kouri spends most of his time in alleys looking for treasures to build out his found-art collages and illustrations. The rest of his time is spent writing emails to people he has never met and other things to pass the day.





CadKouri- let-there-be-geo

Texas-raised artist Erik Parra‘s collage works prominently feature photographic images with an abiding retro aesthetic (probably because they appear to be actual old photographs), dappled with blobs or confetti-like clouds of color. The appealing result is vibrant and surprising, humorous but also a bit eerie, as colors creep into a black-and-white plane like so many stills from a forgotten, more austere version of Pleasantville (1998). – Sam Stander

Erik Parra

Erik Parra

Erik Parra

Erik Parra

Erik Parra

Erik Parra

Renee Torres: “My inspiration for design is usually drawn from my love of photography and history. I am hugely drawn to traditional menswear from mid 1800s to 1980s, and like to incorporate details from historical costume through a modern silhouette. I love the romanticism of the past mixed with graphic, radiant, and natural images I find for a color story in fabrics. My creative process involved tons of research, collage, and in depth experimentation for textile design to create a golden story. Music and film also inform my process, as I’m always curiously finding new inspiration. To me, design is a curiousity and passion expressed in a functional object.”

Renee Torres

Renee Torres




Karen Kang‘s collages are created with recycled papers on pages taken from vintage books. The use of vibrant colors is important to her, as it contributes to the feeling of something new emerging from what has been discarded. She also creates art on book covers that are mounted onto recycled pieces of wood.



While on his bedroom floor back in December 2002, artist Jack Azar experienced a moment of self-awakening. An already existing reality emerged with the aid of scissors and glue, used to combine magazine images and regarded today as his artwork medium.

Jack Azar Studios, Pretty Boy

Jack Azar Studios, Paradise Found

Erik Otto Open Studio


Our friend and accomplished artist, Erik Otto, is hosting an open studio in two weeks! Trust me, this is one you should not miss (check out our studio visit Erik a few months back). The event will have past and present artwork, prints, and other projects on display and available for purchase. “To keep it proper, there will be music and beer provided with a taco truck right outside! So please roll through to say hello as I will be working day and night for the next 2 weeks to make this the best open studios ever.” – Erik Otto

We look forward to see ing you there!!

David Bayus top pick in The Examiner

Congratulations to David Bayus on the write up in yesterday’s Examiner on his solo exhibition, Bad Casserole. Here’s the scope in case you missed it.


Colors, Shape, Movement

This music video by Femme En Fourrure called ‘Plump Bisquit’ with a Sharkslayer remix is both visually titillating and a bit disturbing. I can’t imagine where this came from but I love it! The colors, shapes and well… you can figure out the rest.

Video by Top Billin, directed by Miikka Lommi

The New Guard

We received the latest issue of 7×7 Magazine yesterday and are pleased to be in company with new art galleries such as Baer Rigdgway, Ever Gold, Guerro Gallery and McLoughlin Gallery. As 7×7’s Allison McCarthy states, “Wake up: It’s art o’clock. We peek into five of the city’s newest galleries to find out what they’re showing, which local artists their watching, and how to start your own collection here and now.”

If you get a chance to pick up the July 2011 issue, make sure to check out The New Guard feature on Gallery Hijinks, page 60.



This July we are excited to exhibit new works by Lisa Congdon and installation by Sarah Applebaum. The exhibition is titled Boreas for the Greek God of the cold north wind and winter.



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