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Underwater photography by unknown artist

Just came across these epic photographs on i’m not wordy. Does anyone know who the photographer is?

Interview with Pakayla Biehn on Hi-Fructose

Hi-Fructose caught up with our girl Pakayla Biehn to pick her brain on her most recent collection of painting. Check out what Miss Biehn had to say about integrating technology into her artistic process, personal inspiration, childhood embarrassments and what to expect from her next!

Pakayla Biehn painting

Initially the double exposure effect was a direct image of what I experienced, but as I explored the theme more I began to discover a multitude of transcendental issues within the work. Most importantly the passage of time and thought, the eternal and durable, sustainability versus impermanence; these images very much serve as a metaphor for my relationships. Things that are usually, but don’t necessarily have to be, mutually exclusive.

These paintings are already visually confusing and I think that the only honest and clear way to paint them is photorealism. Coming from a mathematics background, I’m most familiar with having a final product known and plugging my variables in to create an equation that is coherent.” Read the entire post here.

Opening reception pictures of (t)here by Pakayla Biehn

The opening reception of (t)here by Pakayla Biehn was a night of beauty featuring eight double exposure paintings, a window installation of dangling plants and a fabulous video installation.  Thanks to all the friends and family who made it out to share in the celebration! Check out some pictures from the night’s events below.

Pakayla Biehn at Gallery Hijinks

high fives at Gallery Hijinks

Pakayla Biehn opening at Gallery Hijinks

video installation at Gallery Hijinks

(t)here by Pakayla Biehn

(t)here at Gallery Hijinks

(t)here opening reception at Gallery Hijinks

Opening reception of (t)here by Pakayla Biehn

Walter at Gallery Hijinks

succulent plants at Gallery Hijinks

window installation

smoking is bad for your health

Lisa Congdon and Clay at Gallery Hijinks

Gallery Hijinks Babes

(t)here installation at Gallery Hijinks

Babes in Gallery Hijinks

Gallery Hijinks

Photographs taken by Jesse Chandler

What’s new with Mark Warren Jacques

mark warren jacques art studio

A new studio and the beginnings of some big paintings, our pal Mark Warren Jacques gears up for his solo show at White Walls this December. Additionally he will be guest curating a group exhibition in March 2012 at Gallery Hijinks based on COLOR.

Sneak Preview: “The Evolution Will be Fabulous” by Peter Gronquist at Gallery 1988

Peter Gronquist Evolution

We just received an exclusive sneak preview of Peter Gronquist‘s wild exhibition “The Evolution Will be Fabulous” opening this tonight at Gallery 1988 in Venice, California! The solo show features all embellished animal trophies, but even larger and more fabulous than any of his past work. See for yourself tonight if you get a chance and congratulations Peter these new works are absolutely crazy awesome!

Peter Gronquist ysl

Peter Gronquist standingguns

Peter Gronquist CapeBuffalo

Peter Gronquist channel

Peter Gronquist corner

Peter Gronquist guccie

Peter Gronquist HoldFast

Peter Gronquist zebra

Alchemist new works by Scott Greenwalt

scott copy

On Exhibit: November 12th – December 17th, 2011

Opening Reception: November 12th, 2011 from 6-10pm

Gallery Hijinks is proud to present Alchemist, an exhibition of paintings and manipulated portraiture by Oakland based artist, Scott Greenwalt. This most recent collection of works showcases figurative and literal exploration of the unseen moments of transmutation. Please join us for the opening reception on November 12th, 2011, from 6-10pm.

Alchemist depicts the abstracted nature of change, a metamorphosis, seemingly slowed down, broken apart, and frozen in the exact moment before everything unifies to resemble something familiar. Greenwalt’s grotesque paintings draw upon theories similar to the medieval sciences of alchemy, which attempt to realize the concepts of constant transformation, decay, and mutation of all elements that encompass life.

Grounded in traditional formats of landscape and portraiture, the artist creates large-scale acrylic paintings on canvas and wood panel. The dark rich color fields in which Greenwalt’s portraits exist serve to eliminate the context from which they manifested, as if floating within a void. Red drapery hangs from the unrecognizable forms, obscuring their unknown physical state. Vast landscapes are swarmed by alchemical and supernatural phenomenon. Coinciding with the paintings, the artist experiments with prints of iconic portraiture, using viscous semi-transparent adhesives to distort and disguise the human face beyond recognition.

Inspired by the great works of Francis Bacon, Hieronymus Bosch, and Chuck Close the artist professes “I am faced with the challenge of abstracting something that didn’t exist yet. Ratherthan breaking down the existing image into abstract units, I am trying to herd disparate abstract units into an understandable, yet alien image.” Growing up watching 1980’s sci-fi and horror films was an obvious influence on the artist’s overall aesthetic, citing the work done by special effects make-up artist Rob Bottin on John Carpenter’s ‘The Thing’ as the single greatest influence on Greenwalt’s perspective.

Missouri born Greenwalt has exhibited steadily since 1997, after completing his first degree from Central Missouri, then moving to California to acquire his Masters from CCA. He currently resides in Oakland, California.

Alchemist, by Scott Greenwalt opens November 12th and runs through December 17th, 2011. This event is open to the public.

Pakayla Biehn Limited Edition Print

Upon popular request we’ve produced a limited edition of 25 prints featuring All the time I was making this I was thinking of you by Pakayla Biehn. The 18″ x 24″ signed and numbered print is available on our online shop or in person during normal business hours. Get them while they are still available!

(t)here newfront

“Sing You Back To Sleep” Video

Thanks to everyone who came out this past Saturday for the opening reception of (t)here by Pakayla Biehn. If you missed out we unveiled new double exposure paintings by Miss Biehn and premiered “Sing Me Back To Sleep” video installation. Check out the music video here called “Sing you back to sleep” by Sweet Tooth Nelson.

Directed By: Joe Lumbroso
Cinematography: Tylor Bohlman
Art Direction: Pakayla Biehn
Written By: Jillian Mackintosh
Editing/Visual Effects: Tylor Bohlman and Joe Lumbroso
Additional Editing: Jesse Chandler
Starring: Tessa Ribitsch

Song: “Sing you back to sleep” by Sweet Tooth Nelson.

Produced by:

Installing with Pakayla Biehn

We are in full swing at Gallery Hijinks preparing for (t)here, new works by Pakayla Biehn. Late night shenanigans, drinking beer, video production, also I feel like I’m in a rainforest right now. Check out a few snap shots of the fun thats incurred and close up shots of a few of the painting. Hope to see you all tomorrow night for the opening reception from 6-10pm!

Pakayla Biehn (t)here close up

Pakayla Biehn (t)here close up

Pakayla Biehn (t)here close up

Pakayla Biehn (t)here close up

Pakayla Biehn (t)here close up

Pakayla Biehn (t)here close up

Pakayla Biehn (t)here close up

Pakayla Biehn (t)here close up

Pakayla Biehn (t)here close up

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