Visions of Yore Artist: Alexis Arnold


Alexis Arnold creates books frozen with heavy crystal growth that can be seen as artifacts or geologic specimens laden with the history of time, use, and narrative. Stories often exist in our memories while a book remains a spine on a shelf. Often we shape our experiences and thoughts from specific stories that play into our memories and thought processes. Arnold creates a fanciful way of regarding stories and their roles in our present and past experiences.


Arnold is a sculptor and installation artist interested in the visual displays of decay and growth, as well as time and history as physical entities. Objects, whether undisturbed for long periods, in frequent use, or victims fallen to incidents such as fire or flood, have their own life cycles of accumulation and decomposition.

Arnold creates these changes over abbreviated time frames through catalyzed natural processes, such as crystal growth or forced oxidation, in an effort to see objects in a new way, with a new history. In addition to a range of casting materials, her work often includes found objects (bones, books, bicycle wheels, kitchen paraphernalia, crab shells, etc) with crystals grown on them. The crystal growth highlights or creates the aesthetics of these once-utilitarian objects that are entering the world of obsolescence, as well as acts to suggest past and future narratives laden with memory, wonder, and the interminable progression of time.

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