Dan Herrera

It’s been a pleasure coming into contact with Dan Herrera ever since his work was selected for Visions of Yore. He has a fantastical series of work, entitled the Vaudeville series. Two images from this series are a part of  the Visions of Yore exhibition.


His work uses time based media and a claiming of non-conventional space to explore transition and transformation. By carving out spaces for humans to hide in from non-conventional materials and using the recreation of memory in video form, he studies different eras of life- from childhood to adolescence to adulthood. He uses work to represent how time (and the passing of time) exists spatially and how memories of certain instances can never tell an entirely truthful story.

Herrera has a 2 person show coming up Viewpoint Gallery where he will be exhibiting all images from this series. Come check out his work in our auction next Saturday the 28th!

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