The Love Story Machine by Allyson Seal

We had a great amount of participants for Allyson Seal’s Love Story Machine at the opening for Visions of Yore.  Seal’s installation is available for weddings, events, bachelorette parties, company events, etc. This includes a $700/3 hr rental for set up, transportation within the Bay Area, staffing and your own personal archive of guests’ stories to keep. It will be available for sign up and rental during the auction this coming Saturday.




(Photos courtesy of  Brad Bernhardt and David Young Kim)

If you haven’t had a chance to see her work, read on for her artist statement about the installation:

“We like telling stories—girl meets girl; girl loses girl; girl wins girl back. Or girl learns that heartbreak, like love, changes everything. We revel in the disturbance inherent to a good story, in the disequilibrium between two people, between many people. This unbalance brings drama, promises myriad moments of crisis where one thing becomes another.

 Love Story Machine endeavors to explore relationships between people, memory and language, to work intuitively with our instincts to organize the universe, and to embrace the great abstraction that unifies us all—love. This installation began as a collaboration between Allyson Seal, Bailey Smith & Elspeth Stowell. And, of course,  the larger community.

 The project asks participants to create a card for the catalogue that explicates a personal love story in a brief but evocative manner. The format of the card mimics the style of card found in the outmoded card catalogue. Once the story is written and titled, each participant is asked to categorize his or her narrative using the dewey decimal system. The goal is to amass a substantial collection of vignettes that map out our collective humanness.

We believe that we can accomplish more together than we can alone. Community and collaboration are ecstatic occasions. Both provide organic structure, boundaries composed by all players. Art and community create a place of incandescence even as it is heartbreaking, alienating, a vast landscape without a map.”

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