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Visions of Yore in the SF Art Enthusiast

A big thanks to the folks of the SF Art Enthusiast for their review of Visions of Yore!

Those photos look great!

Lecture and Performance Tomorrow in the Gallery!

Gallery Hijinks is pleased to present this Friday the 13th a lecture by Renée Gertler and performance by Clint Sleeper and Audrey Love as Robot Versus Future.

Gertler is a San Francisco based artist and has shown in exhibition spaces such as Eleanor Harwood Gallery, Patricia Sweetow Gallery, Romer Young Gallery and Southern Exposure. She received her MFA from California College of the Arts and has had residencies at MacDowell and Kohler Arts and Industry. She was also the recipient of a Danish Arts Council Grant and a fellow at the Kala Institute. Her work delves into the magic of the natural world in terms of how we experience and understand natural phenomena; as well as how science can dissect these occurrences. Gertler’s lecture will focus on the themes found in the current exhibition in Gallery Hijinks, Visions of Yore, in conjunction with her work, as well as elaborating upon her personal artistic practice.


Following Renée Gertler’s lecture a collaborative piece by Robot Versus Future will begin around 8:30pm. RVF is made up of 2 artists, Audrey Love and Clint Sleeper, who have been combining their artistic interests and skills in technology, sound art, and video for 2 years as a collaborative duo. Their performance, entitled Embedded Transport, is a performance of pre-recorded sounds and images from transitional and transportive spaces. A live mixing of recordings from hallways & highways, tunnels & trains – spaces where the artists most often find themselves alone and pensive about the past. The piece utilizes instrumentation, found sound, projection, and a variety of playback devices to encapsulate the performers and audience in sound.

Join us for an exciting evening! Doors open at 7pm and admission is $10.

Pictures from Instill by Yellena James

If you haven’t come by yet to check out Yellena’s show…you’re really missing out. Here are some teasers of the installation and opening night to give you some incentive.
















Visions of Yore Finalists

Hey there blogosphere.

We’re excited to announce the finalists for our upcoming show Visions of Yore, opening on July 7th!

Congrats to…

Megan GorhamErin Mitchell, Alexis Arnold, Lori Hepner, Allyson Seal, Daryll Peirce, Dan Herrera, Kylea Borges, Christine Elfman, Lacy Davis, & Margo Duvall!

Make sure to put on your calendar the following dates as well:

July 13th: Lecture by Renée Gertler and performance by Clint Sleeper and Audrey Love as Robot Versus Future

July 21st: Performance by David Molina, Garrett La Fever, Mickey Tachibana, and Anna Geyer of “Memory Web” and “Transient”

July 28th: Auction of all unsold works from Visions of Yore and previous Gallery Hijinks shows!

Yellena James

 Gallery Hijinks is proud to present Instill, a solo exhibition of new works and installations by Yellena James, opening June 2nd, 2012. The artist creates wild, multi-layered landscapes full of detailed design, morphing into a beautifully chaotic mess of organic structures. Gradually and slowly, drop-by-drop, Yellena James instills new imaginary elements generating their own systems and laws of coexistence.

In this body of works, Yelena introduces a vibrant color palate including pinks, turquoise blues, bright yellow-greens and purples. Her fanciful environments range from intimate pen and ink drawings on paper to larger acrylic paintings. Dense compositions of carefully selected imagery invite the viewer to closely examine the works and follow every little line, discovering something new yet strangely familiar.

Three dimensional objects made of paper and connected with brightly colored thread capture a single moment in an abstract world where all elements intertwine with each other; an expression of the artist’s creative thought process. Although her works result in a neatly tied together image, James never begins her pieces with an exact plan or a sketch. Often the works come from an instinctual and emotional sense.

James grew up in Sarajevo during the civil war. There she attended a high school dedicated to the arts and where she was connected with other like-minded artists who wanted to avoid the horrors of the outside world. This positive and creative environment allowed James to learn to immerse herself in her artwork. At the age of 18 she moved to the United States and obtained her BA in painting and graphic design at University of Central Florida. Presently, shelives and works in Portland, Oregon making art. This past year she had the privilege of creating murals on the set of director Tarsem Singh’s film Mirror Mirror.

Instill opens at Gallery Hijinks on June 2nd, 2012, with a reception from 6-10pm. The show will remain on display through the month and closes on June 30th, 2012.



Photos from the opening night of Too Far Gone

Visions of Yore-A Juried Exhibition in Gallery Hijinks


Gallery Hijinks is proud to announce its first juried exhibition, Visions of Yore. Along with the gallery director, Tanya Gayer, Gallery Hijinks has invited guest juror Emily Lakin of Yerba Buena Center for the Arts to be a part of the selection process. The exhibition will occur July 7th, 2012, and include live performance and artists lectures during the month, as well as an auction at the close of the exhibition.

Submissions are open to a range of work including sculpture, painting, printmaking, sound, video, installation, and mixed media work. The exhibiting artists should demonstrate the  quality of their work and relevance to the exhibition concept. The exhibition is open to all artists aged 18 and over. Artists must be willing to take on personal responsibility for their artwork if unsold after the exhibition closes. Entries should be completed within 2 years prior to the deadline. The exhibit is open to the public.

Visions of Yore

Katharine Harmon, the author of The Map as Art, notes that to ‘orientate’ is to, “hop back and forth between landscape and time, geography and emotion, knowledge and behavior. Associations often happen with this idea of orienting because of memory springing from these categories.” To translate memory is to recall the sensory and time sensitive elements of a memory.

Memories coexist with time and space neither in the present or past, nor in one location at one time, but in fact exist and apply aspects from different places and people at all times. The process of remembering takes place in such an instant that memories only have concrete form by way of specific documentation.

Gallery Hijinks seeks works that  come from our beliefs of memory. At times memory cannot be pinned down, but only felt as a means of consciousness vying for a state of attention. Cues encountered in everyday life evoke past recollections without effort, while sometimes we deliberately try to piece together the past. Artists are encouraged to submit work in homage to memory and how it is recognized in regards to the visual and formulated.

Exhibition Details:
Deadline for submissions: June 1st, 2012
Submission Fee: $20
Artists accepted for the exhibition will be notified by June 4th. Works must be delivered to Gallery Hijinks no later than June 27th, 2012.

Works will be on sale for the duration of the exhibition both in the gallery and online. The artist will receive 50 percent of the set retail price if the work sells during the month of July. If the works do not sell by July 27th, then it will be included in a larger auction held on July 28th. Artists will receive 40 percent of the original retail price no matter the auction’s final selling price. The starting bid will be set at 50 percent of the retail price unless requested otherwise (please include in Additional Details of Work section below). The starting bid and a reserve price will be reflected in the contract signed after selection process.




Scott Greenwalt in FFDG


A little shout out to our previously exhibited artist, Scott Greenwalt who will be showing in Cigarettes, Phone Cards and Hip Hop Clothing. It opens in the Fecal Face Dot Gallery TONIGHT!

We’re stoked to see his new work as well as other works by Tom BetthauserKelsey BrookesRyan Travis ChristianRobert HardgraveHiro KurataMildredPacolliMarco Zamora, and Alex Ziv



Coming Up!

New Works by Randy Colosky

On Exhibit: April 7th-April 28th, 2012

Opening Reception: April 7th, 2012 from 6-10pm

New Works by Randy Colosky opens in Gallery Hijinks this April 2012. In addition to Colosky’s solo exhibtion, the backroom of the gallery will feature Colosky’s own selection of other artists’ works. His solo exhibition features a continuation in his exploration in his “Nondeterministic Algorithm” series of seven featured ink drawings on paper. These drawings are made by drawing ellipses and rectangles repeatedly to create a free-formed vortex of architectural design, texture, and space. The opening reception will take place on April 7th, 2012 from 6pm-10pm.

In Randy Colosky’s practice he often takes an object or materials that would typically have a utilitarian purpose and alters its function to generate a new aesthetic language or optical information. For New Works, Colosky’s pen and ink drawings are made with pattern templates that are modeled after architectural templates used in drafting. The template sets up a set of rules in the drawing, however he chooses the specific direction of each iteration of the template. This allows him to actively participate in the drawing process yet he never fully comprehend what the drawing will ultimately look like. These drawings are a symbolic of Colosky’s manner of meditation in that the more he trains his mind to become aware of each moment he experiences and the changes between them, the more he finds that he is able to realize an existence that is more present in the moment and simpler to navigate.

Although trained in traditional ceramics and building construction, Colosky’s interest in process, function, and subtle wit are what drives the scope of his mediums to vary from drawing, sculpture, design, collage, and installation. For New Works his exploration in traditional means of pen and ink work is a unique direction in connection to his past works of atypical material. Yet, his process of altering the conventional usage of architectural templates allow this work to remain in the same vein of his past work and interest in challenging established visual language.

Previously based in San Francisco, Colosky now lives and works in Oakland. He received his BFA in ceramics from Kansas City Art Institute and has recently exhibited in the Museum of Craft and Folk Art. In the last few years he’s exhibited at Chandra Cerrito Contemporary, Incline Gallery, Adobe Books Back Room, ATA Left Window Gallery, Gallery Extrana, Ampersand International Arts, Southern Exposure, The Lab, Kavi Gupta Gallery, Hallway Bathroom Gallery, Low Gallery, Hosfelt Gallery, Savage Art Resources, White Box Gallery, and Alston Skirt Gallery, and previous publications in The Universe, the SF Chronicle, No New Enemies, and My Love For You. 
The backroom artists which Colosky has selected are as follows:
Kristina Lewis
Helen Lee
Andy Vogt
Alison O.K. Frost
Jesse Houlding
Ajit Chauhan
Clare Sydalowski
Amanda Hughen
Phil Mcgaughy

New Works by Randy Colosky is on exhibit April 7th through April 28th, 2012 at Gallery Hijinks located at 2309 Bryant Street, San Francisco CA 94110. For more information on Randy Colosky please contact visit our media kit or email us at

Pictures from Opening Night!

Gallery Hijinks celebrated the opening night of Infinite Color, guest curated by Mark Warren Jacques this past Saturday. The works included were by Stephen Scott Smith, Kevin Bouton Scott, Joshua Petker, Chris Valkov, Seth Neefus, and David Wien. Gallery Hijinks invited Jacques to curate a show based from our knowledge of his unique perspective and his vast connections with new and upcoming artists. The work that he put together varies from sculpture to mixed media to installation to paintings. The exhibition celebrates the emotion and depth that color can have and myriad of narratives that it can evoke from each person. The works exhibited in the show have been accented by bright blocks of color painted on the walls of Gallery Hijinks in accordance with the works that are displayed on them. This playful environment seems to come as a welcome addition to the warm spring weather that us here in San Francisco are enjoying in early March.


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