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Anna Bonfili

A few weeks ago I went over to Berkeley to check out an Instagram related exhibition called Instaland. My buddy Lauren Randolph was in the show so I kinda had to go! It was held in a newly opened terrarium shop, Terraria.  There I met Anna, a beautiful artist who has painted a mural inside and I pretty much fell in love with her work. I asked her to send along some images of her piece. So, happy Friday, enjoy.

She describes her work as, “a concoction of conceptual and abstract renderings portraying the resplendence of nature.”

Artists in the back room

Randy Colosky has curated the back room of the gallery with a number of very talented artists, one of them being Helen Lee:

Prince Rupert Drawing

“I find the reason to paint from the things I see and feel, the colors and shapes that surround me.

My paintings are based on my personal experiences, time, places, instinct and inspiration. The experiences from past and present, the memories near and far are all the reasons why I paint. The completion of one piece is a beginning of new experience. I find much joy by exploring new thoughts. Such process may come suddenly, many times I do not know what my next move or dab of paint will bring. The failure can be frustrating, but that itself brings a new experience at the end. I do not fear failure, but revel in the satisfaction of success. Uncertainty can be exciting and creative mind can be rewarding.

I closely relate the mystery and perfect balance of science and art, and deeply appreciate God’s enormous power and harmony in the creation of the universe. I intend to pursue my findings through painting and I hope my viewers will be able to communicate with me through my paintings.

Prince Rupert’s Drops are a glass curiosity created by plunging a drop of hot glass into cold water. This process effectively tempers the tadpole-shaped drop, with the interior in a state of tension and exterior in a state of compression. The “head” of the drop is exceptionally strong—able to withstand the blow of a hammer—while the tail is thin enough to be broken easily. Doing so releases all the internal stress; instantaneously exploding the drop into powder. This drawing was made by inking a Prince Rupert’s Drop to capture this transformational moment.”

For more about her work click here

Thank You to Our Friends Over at Juxtapoz!

Juxtapoz featured some of Randy Colosky’s work on their site. Check it out here!

More Previews for the Upcoming Show, New Works by Randy Colosky

Curious about the artists to be featured in the back room of the gallery during Randy Colosky’s show? Check out this video by one of the artists, Jesse Houlding, AND BE MIND BLOWN:

Small Circle by Jesse Houlding

Matthew Craven Feature in Redefine Magazine

“If ever there was a gallery that were my soulmate — or that I would want to be my soulmate, anyway — it would be San Francisco’s Gallery Hijinks” What a great opening line! Stop by Redefine Magazine to see the rest of the feature about Matthew Craven’s work seen in Gallery Hijinks last month.



 Interview questions by Veronica Schaible.

More from the Matthew Craven interview

GH: What initially drew you to collaging/mixed media? 


MC: I was in grad school, and  trying to redefine my work.  I had given up on painting at that point and wanted another outlet.  I have always loved working on paper much more than canvas.  When sourcing imagery and materials for my collages, books seemed a much more interesting  way to find paper than a art supply store can ever offer.  It also allows me to incorporate this hunt for materials into my practice that bring me out of my studio  and into the “real” world.


fragments, 2012, mixed media on found book pages, 9 x 12 inches

From the Matthew Craven interview

GH: Has using the Native American/Settlers created problems for you in any capacity?

MC: I use loaded imagery, I am well aware of it.  Sometime people get hung up on singular imagery and cultural ownership of such things.  I feel like its primarily based out of their fear of the unknown.  This country gets extremely uncomfortable with any race/ religion/culture other than their own.  I’m trying to point out where we ALL come from, and the history of mankind is singular.  The goal is to form connections between modern life and the lives of the people who came before us.


Matthew Craven, speak, 2012, mixed media on found book pages, 9 x 12 inches.

Matthew Craven Talks About His Installation for FRGMNTS

Matthew arrived this week and is working on an installation piece to go along with his works for FRGMNTS, opening this Saturday. We recorded him yesterday talking about his installation. Take a look at the pictures below and then click the link at the bottom to hear the recording:



Click here to listen to Matthew talk about this installation

FRGMNTS will be opening this Saturday, February 4th from 6-10pm.

Last chance to see the Chromatics and Canopies show!

We’re deinstalling Treasure Frey and Kyle Jorgensen’s work this upcoming week. So come by today (11am-6pm) or tomorrow (12pm-6pm) and check out their work before it goes! There also happens to be Argentinian music playing in the gallery today, which should be more than enough incentive.



Our next show is titled FRGMNTS: new works by Matthew Craven. Starting on February 4, 2012 through February 25 2012.

Opening reception February 4, 6-10pm


Pictures from the opening of Chromatics and Canopies


(in background) Treasure Frey, Isosceles, 2012, acrylic on walnut stained paper.



  Kyle Jorgensen, Lost, found, and that moment you noticed the stars (set of 3), 2012, acrylic on panel.



Kyle Jorgensen, Blanket of space, 2012, acrylic and ink on panel.


Kyle Jorgensen himself!


       Kyle Jorgensen, Living in a thermographic forest world, 2012, acrylic on canvas.


Treasure Frey, Triangle, 2012, acrylic on walnut stained paper.




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