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Lower Polk Art Walk this Thursday


Several galleries are coming together to bring to the San Francisco public a new, inspiring Lower Polk microhood of contemporary art galleries and movements happening under the radar. What initially began as a MOEWD-financed mural campaign in the Lower Polk district, The Lower Polk Art Walk brings a greater mindshare to those who live in the Lower Polk (LoPo) community, helps emerging artists find platforms to share their work, and the general public to “learn and appreciate the stimulation fine art can bring to their lives,” explains Nate Amarose, lead coordinator of the event.

Along with several galleries opening their doors for the event, there will be the unveiling of seven (count ‘em, SEVEN!) new murals around the neighborhood, completed by artists, art professors, and art students alike. Also great about this event is the amount of non-gallery businesses opening their doors to help promote the rising art community; Let It Bleed Tattoo and KoKo Cocktails will be featuring limited works by local artists. Nate Amarose brings this event to you with the hope that the future of this quarterly Lower Polk Art Walk will then turn its focus toward engaging the district’s alleys for art, film, and performance events showcasing the gritty and colorful history, as well as the positive direction that LoPo is heading. Join White Walls, Space Gallery, LoPo Gallery, The Popular Workshop, and many more, this Thursday, July 14, from 6-10pm for the Lower Polk Art Walk!

Follow the facebook or blogspot to learn more about upcoming events!

Artist Feature: Lelo

João Lelo, an artist from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil has just released a short clip capturing the process of his most recent mural outside of Galeria Choque Cultural in São Paulo. Check out the video below, I especially like the heavy use of patterns and bright, bold colors in his work.

photoGaleria Choque Cultural in São Paulo


“His work, which used to be a strong reflection of his childhood influences such as cartoons and videogames, has matured through the study of artists – mostly from the art nouveau and cubism movements – into a world of human or animal images morphing into each other in an extremely surreal way. His goal is to create a modern mythology in perfect connection with the urban everyday life.” – http://www.leloart.com/

rainha_marI really love this piece titled Queen of the Sea. Collage and acrylics on canvas.

Mi Bandida by LeloMi Bandida, Latex and spraypaint on wall. Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

photo-7So perfect I can’t find no double, Latex and spraypaint on wall. Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Untitled Mural by Lelo

Wolf / King Rio de JaneiroWolf/King, Rio de Janeiro

All hail my hands by LeloAll hail my hands, Latex and spraypaint on wall. Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Queen/Bird by LeloQueen/Bird, Latex and spraypaint on wall. Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Robert Minervini: Sunken Dreams Video

As a busy weekend approaches of art auctions, exhibitions, and events, we’ve spotlighted a San Francisco artist who’s taken the surrounding environment and translated it into beautiful paintings for his solo exhibition titled Sunken Dreams. Check out what Robert Minervini has to say about his influences, views on art and upcoming exhibition.

Please join us for the opening reception on May 7th, 2011 from 6-11pm.

Video By Third Street Works.

Artist Feature: DIA

This Friday, May 6th, is a pretty awesome art show featuring new works by one of our local favorites, Sean Sommers, aka DIA, at  Eli’s Mile High CLub. The event starts at 7pm and goes late with 80?s and 90?s dance featuring Dj Handsome Neto and Dj Grace.

(click on image for high res)


“Dia was born in New York, but has been traveling his entire life since the age of five. Living in NYC, Long Island, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, various parts of the Caribbean, Utah, Colorado, Seattle, California, and traveling many other places. Seeing the wide spectrum of culture at a young age had made a profound impact on him as an observer and forced a maladjusted view on many things. Never really being embedded in a stable family, living, or education system made it clear to him that experience is the greatest teacher. His interests in art making were evident early in his life mostly with music. His uncle who was a Tango singer would play songs on the guitar and while living in Puerto Rico he had been playing the piano around age six and started playing guitar around the age of eleven. He enjoys composing music based on discovery in non-conventional genres and exploration.


His interest in illustration and street art started around the age of 9 when he would collect comic books, skateboard, and draw on the desks in classes just to see what others would ad to what he had wrote. Since then it has evolved into painting large scale murals in the street, works and installations exhibited in galleries, and personal projects.


He had attended school in western Washington at a small art college and excelled in illustration/painting. His style of painting credits influences by parallels found in Art Nouveau, History, the science of sound, Native Americans, punk ideals, and especially Nature and Humanity. He had begun painting and assembling with found objects and discovered working with wood panels and warm tones was most intriguing.



His synthesis of art making focuses on a great deal of figurative work, sound, experiences reflecting life and the human condition. The beautiful and horrific, the positive and negative, the vices of human behavior, empathy, and sincerity.”- Artist Biography written by Sean Somers.



MOCA according to DFW Cab

Last week the BKF crew was escorted to Art in the Streets at MOCA by the trusty DFW Cab (aka ‘the tagger taxi’). According to pretty much everybody the exhibition was out of this world and deemed the best street exhibition EVER. Check out a few road trip pictures from SqueakyCleanDave’s flickr stream.

the tagger taxi

road trip

arrived at mocaPerfect parking spot in front of MOCA.

ice cream truck

“Art in the Streets is the first major U.S. museum survey of graffiti and street art. Curated by MOCA Director Jeffrey Deitch and Associate Curators Roger Gastman and Aaron Rose, the exhibition will trace the development of graffiti and street art from the 1970s to the global movement it has become today, concentrating on key cities such as New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, London, and Sao Paulo, where a unique visual language or attitude has evolved.”- MOCA



best museum exhibition ever!

Studio Visit: Erik Otto

I’ve known Erik Otto for a number of years and have always been amazed by his work. It seems he bears his heart on the canvas. Bright colors, organic forms, dripping paint and an ever evolving concept in his work has made him a popular artist for number of publications, residencies and exhibitions nation wide. Recently we went over to his art studio to check up on a few things he has lined up for this year.

Erik OttoErik Otto in his Mission art studio.

shared warehouseErik shares a warehouse space with these artist who work with a variety a mediums including sewing, photography and woodwork.

woodshopHe’s also crafted a wood shop which he’s currently using to construct a glass house.

glass house

glass house detail

Erik Otto

Every single thing inside Erik’s studio has been reclaimed, mainly from his residence time at the SF Dump: from his paint, brushes, and wood panels to his flat files, tools and electronics.

inside the studio


shelves of art stuff


detail of painting


how it all begins


detail shot


paint brushes

paint cans

studioThe studio has a beautiful view of the Mission District from Potrero Hill to Bernal Heights.

Potrero Hill

Bernal Heights

erik and his workOtto’s most recent work has been focused on the idea of opposing forces, light vs. dark, color vs. monochrome, and so on. The current collection has a repetitive them of circles, which really to draw the eye in.

four panel painting


light vs. dark

O This painting is available on our online shop.

work table

Erik OttoThank you Erik for inviting us over for a delightful visit. We love you!!!

To learn more about Erik Otto visit his website at erikotto.com.

Sebastian Wahl’s SF trip and studio visit with Robert Hardgrave.

How time flies. It seems like yesterday that we were installing the kaleidoscope eyes in the front window for Sebastian Wahl‘s opening reception. If you haven’t got the chance to see the exhibition feel free to stop by the gallery before the closing on Saturday the 26th.

Here are some pictures of Sebastian’s visit to San Francisco as well as his studio visit with Robert Hardgrave.

sebastian wahl sf trip

sebastian wahl sf trip

sebastian wahl sf trip

sebastian wahl sf trip

sebastian wahl sf trip

sebastian wahl sf trip

sebastian wahl sf trip

sebastian wahl sf trip

sebastian wahl sf trip

sebastian wahl sf trip

Walter and Joe

sebastian wahl sf trip

sebastian wahl sf trip

sebastian wahl sf trip

sebastian wahl sf trip

sebastian wahl sf trip

sebastian wahl sf trip

sebastian wahl sf trip

sebastian wahl sf trip

Robert Hardgrave's studio

Robert Hardgrave's studio

Robert Hardgrave's studio

Robert Hardgrave's studio

Robert Hardgrave's studio

Robert Hardgrave's studio

Robert Hardgrave's studio

Robert Hardgrave's studio

Robert Hardgrave's studio

Robert Hardgrave's studio

Mural by Ana Teresa Fernandez

Last night I walked by a new mural on Bryant and 24th Street from artist, Ana Teresa Fernandez. If you’ve never seen her beautiful paintings, please take a minute to browse through her site. The mural in is congruence with the current exhibition at Galeria de la Raza.


Sebastian Wahl: Kaleidoscope Eyes Video

Kaleidoscope Eye

A solo exhibition of resin collages by Sebastian Wahl


Gallery Hijinks is proud to present Kaleidoscope Eyes, a solo exhibition of resin collages by New York based artist Sebastian Wahl. This collection of new work is based on the principle of multiple reflections. Compositions are formed out of mirrored images of nature, architecture, people, animals and religious symbols creating a visual notion of order within chaos. Please join us for the opening reception on February 5th, 2011, from 6-10pm.

Born into a Swedish family of advertising professionals, Wahl has always had a passion for art and design. He made his first trip to The Big Apple when he was 17 with a youth group of Swedish graffiti writers through a program sponsored by Nancy Reagan. At age 20 he returned to New York to attend Parsons School of Art and Design and earned a degree in Advertising and Graphic Design. Today Sebastian Wahl is a visual architect of psychedelic landscapes, creating intricate works encapsulated in resin.

From afar Wahl’s art appears as a colorful pattern of forms and shapes, but as the viewer looks closer the complexities of the work emerge and beckon for further examination. In Kaleidoscope Eyes he combines spiritual and religious imagery drawn from Sadhuism, Shamanism, modern and ancient tribes, with contemporary imagery from pop magazines as well as hand made vintage papers. The bright colors, strategic design and complex continuity of each collage connect and interact across the less complicated backgrounds. Incorporating resin gives the work a third dimension creating real shadows within the collage, and ensures the archival quality of the work.

Kaleidoscope Eyes will be Sebastian Wahl’s first solo exhibition on the west coast. He has exhibited at Alex and Allyson Grey’s MicroCoSM Gallery in New York as well as at Ideal Glass Gallery in the East Village of Manhattan where he also created a mural for the public on the gallery façade on E. 2nd Street.

Kaleidoscope Eyes opens February 5th, 2011 and will be on display until February 26th, 2011 and is open to the public.


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