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What’s Scott Greenwalt Up To?


Scott Greenwalt has been busy since his show in November! We recently went over to his studio and took a look at his new works in progress. His current work continues to maintain his sense of scale and imagery, except this time around he has been working on painting at a different pace.  In order to completely delve into his concepts and characters in the traditional imagery that he is known for, Greenwalt finds that working at a slower speed has been leading him in a more satisfying direction. He mentioned referencing his older works as well was allowing him to maintain a clear focus on the newer work that he wants to complete. By pulling from his older work he found that he can weed out what worked for him in the past and ground himself  in terms of technique and images to continue the style that he relates to.

While in his studio he brought out a large Buddhist mythology book which he found in Texas about 10 years ago. This book was massive! In it contains highly detailed images and descriptions of myths that have influenced where he is drawing his current inspiration from, in addition to his older work. Although his images are still violent or mutant like, typical markers of his aesthetic, he is beginning to think about how to allow his audience more of an accessible manner to readily connect to his work. Instead of forcing a prominent foreground with heavy laden detail, he has begun painting more of an identifiable setting and lucid forms against increased negative space. Yet, by no means do these works arise as a mere trial period in this new direction, nor do they abandon the intense imagery he is known for; the space he has given in turn challenges and heightens the sense of awareness in detail and overall mood to the work.



Make sure to check out his upcoming show in September in the Minna Gallery.

A Sneak Peak For Martin Machado’s Upcoming Work


We recently came by Martin Machado‘s studio to see what he was working on for his upcoming show, opening on May 5th, and we’re really excited about his new work! Check out the photos below and the recording at the bottom to hear him talk about his new work and influences.


Marty's Studio

Click here to listen to Marty talk about his current work!

Video: Alchemist by Scott Greenwalt

Check out this studio visit with Scott Greenwalt as he prepares for his solo exhibition, Alchemist, at Gallery Hijinks opening November 12th, from 6-10pm and on display until December 17th, 2011.

Shot and edited by Jesse Chandler. Music by Scott Greenwalt.

What’s new with Mark Warren Jacques

mark warren jacques art studio

A new studio and the beginnings of some big paintings, our pal Mark Warren Jacques gears up for his solo show at White Walls this December. Additionally he will be guest curating a group exhibition in March 2012 at Gallery Hijinks based on COLOR.

Studio Visit: Scott Greenwalt

Last week we took a trip to visit Scott Greenwalt in his Oakland art studio. We caught him in the midst of preparing for his upcoming solo exhibition titled Alchemist, opening November 2011 at Gallery Hijinks.

The works have a sense of chaos, grotesque, scientific phenomenon combined with a mutation of both uncertain origin and destiny. Check out some snapshots we grabbed of the works in progress ranging from small paper pieces to large paintings on wood panel and canvas.

Scott Greenwalt Gallery Hijinks Studio Visit

Scott Greenwalt Gallery Hijinks Studio Visit

Scott Greenwalt Gallery Hijinks Studio Visit

Scott Greenwalt Gallery Hijinks Studio Visit

Scott Greenwalt Gallery Hijinks Studio Visit

Scott Greenwalt Gallery Hijinks Studio Visit

Scott Greenwalt Gallery Hijinks Studio Visit

Scott Greenwalt Gallery Hijinks Studio Visit

Scott Greenwalt Gallery Hijinks Studio Visit

Scott Greenwalt Gallery Hijinks Studio Visit

Lisa Congdon Podcast on My Love For You.

Lisa_CongdonPhoto credit: Meighan O’Toole

Yesterday Meighan O’Toole from My Love For You. launched her most recent podcast interview with the lovely Lisa Congdon. Hearing artist interviews straight from the artists themselves is such an awesome idea and Meighan is certainly on a roll. In this interview Lisa talks about her story as a late bloomer in the art world, her inspiration for her solo exhibition Boreas and well … I wont spoil it all for you. Click here to listen to the podcast on iTunes.

Also check out the Lisa Congdon Studio Visit featured on My Love For You a few weeks back! Her studio will make you jealous.

Studio Vist with Gregory Ito

Last week we stopped by Gregory Ito’s art studio in the SOMA district of San Francisco. We took a quick peek as he builds a new collection of work titled Point of Vision opening this August 2011. The body of work comprised of paintings, sculpture, and installation are very much influenced by the concept of time, and use the celestial forms: Sun, Moon, and Earth. “My work is my intention to transcend an individual to a basic way of looking at the world we live in, and the universe we are part of. I hope to reveal the value and power we have to seek the true reasons we are living for.  It is to inspire people to grow together.”-Gregory Ito

IMG_1035 copy


IMG_1042 copy


gregory ito

gregory ito

IMG_1046 copy



IMG_1055 copy

gregory ito

gregory ito

IMG_1065 copy



IMG_1106 copy

Luna the cat.

Studio Vist with Sarah Applebaum

Last week we checked out  Sarah Appleaum’s art studio in San Francisco. We were eager to see her material rich creations for her window installation in the upcoming show Boreas with Lisa Congdon which opens this Saturday (July, 2nd, 2011 from 6-10pm). Applebaum’s new-psych work has played a key part in reinvigorating installation and soft sculpture through her use of textiles in contemporary art and we cant wait to see the finished installation!





















Erik Otto Open Studio


Our friend and accomplished artist, Erik Otto, is hosting an open studio in two weeks! Trust me, this is one you should not miss (check out our studio visit Erik a few months back). The event will have past and present artwork, prints, and other projects on display and available for purchase. “To keep it proper, there will be music and beer provided with a taco truck right outside! So please roll through to say hello as I will be working day and night for the next 2 weeks to make this the best open studios ever.” – Erik Otto

We look forward to see ing you there!!

Studio Visit: Adam Cimerman

Last week we visited the studio of Adam Cimerman, an artist who focuses is on creating art based on his memories of youth, travel, love, music and all the good old memories that make you smile with nostalgia. His Beatles Record collage series is influenced by Pop Art icons such as Andy Warhol, Lichtenstein, Jasper Johns, while his works on paper and sculptures pay homage to Schwitters, Joseph Cornell, Claes Oldenburg, and Alexander Calder.

Adam Cart

“I became interested in the possibilities of transferring these “images” into collage and relief constructions. I soon began experimenting with enlarged xerox reproductions of my images, drawings and pages of journal entries. The first successful and satisfying piece that incorporated these is entitled “ubi sunt” (where are they). Ubi Sunt consists of mandala-like, raised, concentric surfaces collaged with maps, aerial views of pyramids, and an exhaustive list of every person that I knew up to that point in time. It was completed only after I discovered a xerox consultant who agreed to let me introduce newsprint paper into copiers (normally jamming them). Ubi Sunt (1977-1980), was completed around the time I graduated with distinction from the Academy of Art College, in San Francisco, now known as The Academy of Art University.”- Adam Cimerman

In the following years, Cimerman has made art in large studio spaces across San Francisco in which he works with mediums such as collage, collograph prints, oversize relief constructions and shadow boxes. His most recent works are available through our online shop.

Adam's studio


Top Twenty. Made with paint, record sleaves, collage encased in resin on wood.

24″ x 33″

Adam's studio

art by Adam Cart

Beatles, Records VIII. Made with paint, vintage japanesse paper, record sleaves, collage encased in resin on wood. 12″ x 21″

Adam's studio

“By the age of eleven, I was collecting discarded small objects and glueing them to board before forever painting them monochromatically white,or off white. As the metals rusted through – I added more paint (I had not yet discovered metal primer). Regrettably, nothing of these early efforts of mine today survives. As i was actively discouraged from pursuing art as a career choice , in the years to come it became something of a shadow life for me and I spent a typically dismal teenaged years yearning to leave Buffalo for New York City, or Boston- which I did in my own fashion… dressing like a hobo and hitchhiking whenever the chance arose.” -Adam Cimerman

Adam Cart

Adam's studio

art by Adam Cart

Beatles, Records II. Made with vinage stamps, record leaves encased in resin. 21″ x 21″

Adam's studio

Drawings by Adam Cart

art by Adam Cart

Where It’s @. Relief collage with xeroxed aerial view of the Bay Area encased in resin on wood blocks. 18″ x 24″

key chair collection


art by Adam Cart

Music to work to

yellow backyard

art by Adam Cart

Beatles, Records V. Made with paint, perferrated vintage paper, record sleaves, collage encased in resin on wood. 21″ x 21″

kermit chair

art by Adam Cart

Beatles Underground. Made with paint, vintage London underground map, record sleaves, collage encased in resin on wood. 21″ x 21″

San Francisco houses

art by Adam Cart

A Short, Early History of Madonna’s Selx Life. Made with plaster, paint, clay sculpture, photography, & collage in resin. 16″ x 20″

Adan Cart

Thanks to Adam for the invitation to explore your art space and to Whitney Lasker for the photographs you see here.

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