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Check out this great video by Hardy Seiler. It’s a supurbly crafted trailer for a fictional educational tv series.

The Scoop on Immerse by Yellena James

We asked Yellena to tell us a little more about her biggest piece, Immerse, in her current show up in Gallery Hijinks. If you’ve followed James’ work, this piece is a huge accomplishment and shift in regards to her past work that has been smaller in size and slightly different in color palette. Read below to see her description of the process she went through to create it.


“I worked on this piece for two years, off and on.  It is done with fine-tipped pens, inks and gouaches on 58″ x 42″ watercolor paper which has been mounted on birch wood panel and cradled with 3” maple.  I wanted to challenge myself to see how my work  translates into a larger format.  It started like all of my other works, without any planning or sketching.  i drew the first element, the round object on the bottom right, and then intuitively developed more forms around it.  Line after line, the objects were starting to come together.  I wanted this peice to be intriguing from afar and mesmerizing when examined up close.  The details turn to shades when observed from a distance, but when viewed from up close the viewer gets lost in the sea of little details that form this piece.  Immerse had to be finished in stages.  I would work on one area and then slowly move to another.  The very last element I added was the black branch in the bottom right corner.  I worked on this piece for so long that, when I look at it now, I discover new things that even I’ve forgot about.  When I work, I feel like I am not fully aware of the marks I leave and after I am done with a piece there is a moment of introduction where I take in everything as a whole rather than as parts.  It was a very magical moment for me when I realized Immerse was finally finished.  It had been presented before at my “Zoetic” exhibit at the Giant Robot in LA, but I kept feeling like it wasn’t quite there yet.  Now I feel all of the elements are exactly where I want them to be.  It’s very hard to capture this image in photographs.  The size of it adds so much to its beauty, and even though it is a pretty large piece, I didin’t shy away from adding in tiny details throughout.  Hanging it at the Hijinks Gallery I kept discovering little jewels that I had hidden within the design, and I hope that whoever winds up owning it experiences this same feeling of marvel & unending discovery for a long time to come.”

Pictures from Instill by Yellena James

If you haven’t come by yet to check out Yellena’s show…you’re really missing out. Here are some teasers of the installation and opening night to give you some incentive.
















Visions of Yore Finalists

Hey there blogosphere.

We’re excited to announce the finalists for our upcoming show Visions of Yore, opening on July 7th!

Congrats to…

Megan GorhamErin Mitchell, Alexis Arnold, Lori Hepner, Allyson Seal, Daryll Peirce, Dan Herrera, Kylea Borges, Christine Elfman, Lacy Davis, & Margo Duvall!

Make sure to put on your calendar the following dates as well:

July 13th: Lecture by Renée Gertler and performance by Clint Sleeper and Audrey Love as Robot Versus Future

July 21st: Performance by David Molina, Garrett La Fever, Mickey Tachibana, and Anna Geyer of “Memory Web” and “Transient”

July 28th: Auction of all unsold works from Visions of Yore and previous Gallery Hijinks shows!

#InstillHijinks Instagram Contest

photo credit @eylassie

In honor of Yellena James second exhibition titled Instill we’re throwing a photo contest. Win a framed, resin coated, print from the artist!

Here are the rules:

1. Be creative with your photographs.

2. The photo must be related to Yellena Jame’s solo exhibition, Instill.

3. Hashtag your Instagram photo with #instillhijinks.

We will announce the winner here on the blog at the closing of the exhibition, June 30th.

Yellena James in the San Francisco Chronicle!

Swing by the gallery for the opening of  Yellena James’ show Instill this Saturday 6-10pm!

Yellena James on Cart Before the Horse

Check out Cart Before the Horse Tuesday artist, Yellena James!


Yellena James

 Gallery Hijinks is proud to present Instill, a solo exhibition of new works and installations by Yellena James, opening June 2nd, 2012. The artist creates wild, multi-layered landscapes full of detailed design, morphing into a beautifully chaotic mess of organic structures. Gradually and slowly, drop-by-drop, Yellena James instills new imaginary elements generating their own systems and laws of coexistence.

In this body of works, Yelena introduces a vibrant color palate including pinks, turquoise blues, bright yellow-greens and purples. Her fanciful environments range from intimate pen and ink drawings on paper to larger acrylic paintings. Dense compositions of carefully selected imagery invite the viewer to closely examine the works and follow every little line, discovering something new yet strangely familiar.

Three dimensional objects made of paper and connected with brightly colored thread capture a single moment in an abstract world where all elements intertwine with each other; an expression of the artist’s creative thought process. Although her works result in a neatly tied together image, James never begins her pieces with an exact plan or a sketch. Often the works come from an instinctual and emotional sense.

James grew up in Sarajevo during the civil war. There she attended a high school dedicated to the arts and where she was connected with other like-minded artists who wanted to avoid the horrors of the outside world. This positive and creative environment allowed James to learn to immerse herself in her artwork. At the age of 18 she moved to the United States and obtained her BA in painting and graphic design at University of Central Florida. Presently, shelives and works in Portland, Oregon making art. This past year she had the privilege of creating murals on the set of director Tarsem Singh’s film Mirror Mirror.

Instill opens at Gallery Hijinks on June 2nd, 2012, with a reception from 6-10pm. The show will remain on display through the month and closes on June 30th, 2012.



Masako Miki

Jillian and I recently had the pleasure of meeting Masako Miki. As a transplant from Japan to Berkeley, Miki explores the ideas of personal transformation in a new environment. She explores ideas of cultures evolving into multicultural entities as well as utilizing deer to symbolize the ability for human beings to adjust and adapt in new enviornments. Deer are a highly adaptable species where the loss and regrowth of their antlers displays their process of survival and ability to defend themselves in different environments and situations.

You can see her work in person at the Swarm Gallery until May 27.

Photos from the opening night of Too Far Gone

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