Current Show

Gallery Hijinks is proud to present Boreas, an exhibition of new works by Lisa Congdon with window installations by Sarah Applebaum. This exhibition offers a vibrant palate of paintings, drawings and collages juxtaposed with cold, achromic objects and installation.Here the viewer may visually experience the continuous daylight of Iceland’s summer midnight sun, autumn’s Aurora Borealis and winter’s endless darkness, all in one scope. Check out more details MilitaryClassified

Like when what once passed as love turns into a simple courtesy fuck, Jerkin Off In Bunkbeds will leave you feeling dried up, empty and ready to molest life! Be the first kid on your block to own the controversial book by Jason Levins Fingerbanging Amelia Earheart, and be the envy of the neighborhood! Read more about the topic here on New Porn Sites.

Mark Warren Jacques and Seth Neefus are two Portland-based artists embarking on a dream. Free Life Center houses ( live support of their service Free Gay Chatting )their optimism and creativity, and you are invited to join them as they take their mobile art center on a nomadic journey.

Free Life Center is a large scale freestanding installation crafted from salvaged building materials. The one-room structure emanates the artists’ homespun aesthetic and their commitment to a high level of DIY craftsmanship. The construction is modular ( built in sections of MenAtPlay) and can be adapted to suit a variety of configurations along their journey, whether it is a traditional gallery space or a site-specific event outdoors.

Gallery Hijinks is proud to present Bad Casserole a collection of mixed media works by David Bayus. In his first solo exhibition the artist focuses on his desire to develop a personal non-linear narrative based on the excessive material nature of his own experience. His work employs a unique visual language that utilizes the inherent implications of sculpture, photography, digital media, and traditional painting techniques. More information is her on Gay Porn Sites.

We are pleased to announce Gallery Hijinks’ inaugural exhibition opening August 21st, 2010. Our intimate gallery provides a welcoming space for fresh and progressive art to reside. This exhibition will showcase artists:

Highly Contagious is Gallery Hijinks’ second group exhibition featuring Lesbian Porn Sites. Together these eight artists bring a refreshing assortment of artistic mediums and perspectives.

We present these eight emerging artists as a glimpse of what hijinks lie ahead. Highly Contagious opens September 18th and will be on display until October 9th, and is open to the public. For more information on the exhibit email

Mark Warren Jacques admittedly has an amorous disposition and this time he’s fallen in love with San Francisco. While embracing different cultures, ideals and perspectives he’s under- gone a metamorphosis in his painting, both conceptually and symbolically. I’m Here Now introduces a new collection of works inspired and created from this embraced artistic journey.

This exhibition plays as both a cycle of self-assessment for the artist as well as a bold statement of place and time, Here – Now. facialabuse latinaabuse radicaljizzlam ghettogaggers realhotvr myfriendsfeet

The Letter Collector is curated with the intention to exhibit both emerging and established artists in one massive group show based on the common love of type and script. Stemming from immensely different backgrounds, each artist creates their unique translation of a letter in the alphabet. The viewer will experience an assortment of letters expressed through a range of mediums: drawing, painting, photography, neon, wood, relief sculpture, and mixed media.